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With SiteEditr you can start making money selling websites. Selling a website can easily make you $1000s on the front-end and then also make you money every month there-after. I have personally sold websites for over $2000 for the design and then $50/month after launch. I still have every client I started with and this is a wonderful way to make passive monthly income.

Whether or not, you have a knack for design, you can make money on our platform. We have 100s of professionally predesigned sites. pages. and sections (stripes). Check out the themes you can use (click here). You can do this from your home or set-up a studio, I personally do it from my home and have had wonderful success with my home-based business model. Things you will need to start a web design business.

1. A workspace

2. A computer

3. A platform

4. A plan

We can help with the platform. With SiteEditr and our Agency plan, you can get started for free. Just make an account (click here), pick a theme, and start building. You can build as many sites as you desire to get used to the platform or to even start developing sites for your clients. You don't need a credit card or give any info beyond what is need to create your account (username, email, password). After you are ready to launch your first site, you need to sign-up as an agency to get our 50% discounted sites for your clients. We usually charge $20-$50/month for unlimited everything for our customer DIY sites. You will be able to launch your client sites for only $5/month. We charge our design client $50/month for our managed sites and you can do that too. Imagine making $2,500-$10,000+/site and then $50/month. How many sites do you need to make a nice passive income? With 100 sites, that would be $4,500/month passive, but don't forget design fees! The design fees at $2,500/site would be $250,000, then the monthly fees after that. Not bad at all. It's up to you what your goals are, I personally know of many agencies with 100s and 1000s of sites. The sky is really the limit.

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