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How to fill your business pipeline.

With any business you need a way to fill your pipeline. A business pipeline is what brings the flow of new business/clients into your business. Many people struggle with this aspect of being in business. ...

The bottom line of finding new clients is talking with people. This could be done in many different ways. Here are a few that I have used:

1. Warm Networking (people you know or the people the people you know know). :)

2. Local Networking (local business and groups you can get involved with).

3. Social Networking (Facebook, Facebook Groups, Twitter, Linkedin, etc).

4. Cold Networking (Emailing and calling businesses).

You should work the list here in order. You will get more jobs and build more relationships through working with people you know and the people they know, being a local business working with other local businesses. The further down the list the less business you typically will find. Some people though have seen great success with 3 & 4, but that is not typical, in my experience.

After finding new clients, you have to do a good job for your clients. Go the extra mile but be reasonable with your service and pricing. Don't give away too much for free or you will undermine your long term success, but not making the offer attractive may not get you the job. So you need to think this through and find a balance of value and fees.

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Good luck!

Tim - ZeroCodePro